Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tip to Secure your Belongings for Moving to College

When you move to the school, you have limited amount of money that you wouldn’t want to spend on moving your necessary items. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want items in your luggage to get damaged either. If you are still thinking about DIY, you will need to plan it right in order to keep your items away from the harm’s way.

Shipping systems are naturally insecure
If you are hoping that your items will reach the destination in secured manner, you should look at the general procedure involved in shipping. Shipping companies don’t bother much if lighter boxes are stacked under heavy boxes or half empty boxes come under the stuffed boxes. Furthermore, the process also involves lots of shifting of boxes from one place to another before they reach at destination. During this shifting, they are thrown and tossed; so you can never expect an insecure box to survive the process as it will break open.

The boxes you can’t use
What you really need at first is to inspect the boxes a little ruthlessly. See if they are capable to endure the harshness involved in the shipping process. The boxes that even have been wet or have oil spots should be disqualified so throw them away. The boxes with weaker seams, holes on either side or soft corners shouldn’t be used as well. Although they may look great but their days are certainly over.

Remember, retail boxes aren’t the best choice because they are of disposable nature. Furthermore, they are made to contain lighter items. So, those boxes can be the interior boxes but they don’t have strength to be used as exterior ones.

Bigger isn’t the better
Putting everything in big-sized boxes seems convenient, but this convenient is limited to packing items only. Once the box is filled and sealed, it will be a real heavy duty task to handle that box due to its heavy weight. This extra weight is certainly going to disrupt the smooth moving process if you have got a good handler. To me, it really sounds unfair.

The best practice is to choose the medium and small sized boxes. If you want to make handling an easy process, put items with higher density in small boxes and lighter items in medium sized boxes.

Make sure the items are secured
You might not be willing to purchase lot of packaging supplies so there are alternates which you can use to cut the cost at a reasonable extent. You can’t escape from the expenditure that would come with the purchase of high quality packing tape but there could be a good amount of saving on getting the packing materials. Old newspapers and packing papers are right and inexpensive choices to secure the breakables. Furthermore, you can look for the used Styrofoam and bubble wrap what would cost you a little or even nothing.

Another way to cushion the items is to use fabrics and pillows but it appropriate only when you don’t have a big bulk to move.

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